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Medicare Registered Nursing Homes

Our site list all the medicare registered Nursing Homes. These Nursing Homes are presented with most valuable data to you.

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We have listed all Nursing Homes registered through Medicare.

Yes it is very easy. Every nursing home page has a full address and a location map of the nursing home you are interested in.

You can check it through related nursing home page. Number of registered beds is listed there.

Yes the information you will see here is based on 2022 Medicare data.

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I have found the nursing homes near me by checking out this website. I have seen that there are many options for us to consider. Now this nursing home directory will help me to search for more information and choose the right one. Thanks!

Andrew L.

This is a useful website. But I hope you will provide more data in the future related with nursing homes. I want to see their websites and social media account. And maybe you can put some more statistics about them. Simply a promising and helpful website.

Anna B.

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You will find Name, address, phone, type, ownership type, location map and many statistics along with rating information.







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